Spring Projects

Editorial: Athens-Clarke arts panel should be broad-based group
Monday is the deadline for applying for open positions on some of the numerous boards and authorities that oversee some aspects of Athens-Clarke County government and, in some cases, serve the mayor and county commission in an advisory capacity. The current round of board and authority openings is particularly interesting, because it includes all of the nine positions on the newly created Athens Cultural Affairs Commission.

Craft ideas for kids who want to keep busy
Do you have kids that seem to need constant entertainment regardless of where you are? Do you wish you could go out more often and the kids would keep occupied? Are you looking for craft ideas for kids that you can take on outings?

Reasons to Buy Arts and Crafts For Kids Online
You want to encourage your child's creativity and provide a wholesome form of entertainment - a nice alternative to television shows and video games - so you've deciding to purchase arts and crafts for kids The next question is where are you going to shop to find the products you want

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